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The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen’s Authorized Representative for Federal and European Affairs upholds the interests of the Federal State of Bremen and the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven at the levels of the German federal government, the German states and the European Union.
The office consists of the Landesvertretung in Berlin(state representation in Berlin), the Europaabteilung mit der Vertretung in Brüssel(European Department with its representation in Brussels) and Bremen’s department for development cooperation.

The members of the representative’s staff see themselves as ambassadors who promote the State of Bremen’s interests in Berlin and Brussels. They act as liaison partners for the citizens of Bremen, as well as for anyone with an interest in the State of Bremen; they work in close cooperation with federal and European bodies and with associations and representatives from the fields of business, science and culture.

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Ulrike Hiller (Foto: Christina Kuhaupt)

Bremen’s Under-Secretary of State for Federal and European Affairs is Ulrike Hiller.

This is the website of Bremen’s department for development cooperation. Its aims are to help combat poverty, to promote ecological sustainability and to reinforce human rights and democratic development. In conjunction with its partners in Southern countries, the department embraces responsibility for sustainable development and has an important role to play in Bremen’s international relations.